If I have fun at work, nothing can stop me

Jana Selina Anna Tayo Lissack
From Hamburg and Málaga (Spain)
Four years in Hamburg
Pirate at Pyrates Bar

You look like a pirate. Do you feel like a real pirate, Jana?
I’ve got pretty international roots. After being born in Hamburg, I moved to Málaga in Spain. After that, I lived in Namibia, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji, Hong Kong and Shenzen in China, I have visited almost every country in Europe along the way. My background is neither German nor Spanish, I am a Hungarian-Romanian gypsy.

Is this your first time on a pirate ship or you did you have experience before?
I can’t quite remember when I first started working at bars, but officially, I’ve been behind the bar since I turned 16. But Pyrates is not a normal bar. Its interiors remind of a pirate’s ship. The decoration is so detailed and intricate that you’ll likely find new treasures every time you go there for a drink!

Your own poison of choice, perhaps a bottle of rum?
No stereotypes or elaborated cocktails for me:  a beer, a glass of champagne or a Gin & Tonic and I’ll be fine. I love preparing all kind of cocktails, but not for myself, for my guests. They love them and I’m happy!

Do you fancy a pirate drink at Pyrates?
Fischmarkt 9, 22767 Hamburg
Photo credits: Guillermo Ansótegui Carnerero

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