In the beginning, God created the ovens

Cristián Mauricio Orellana Muñoz
From Talca, Chile
Almost 7 years in Hamburg

First things first. Why did you decide to leave Chile?
After cooking school and some time working as a chef in Santiago, I broke up with my girlfriend and decided to move to Madrid. I decided to come to Europe because I wanted to learn something different than South American cuisine. After two years and another break up I came to Hamburg to visit my brother, who lived in Berlin, and decided to stay. It looks like I tend to travel whenever a relationship ends! The choice of where to go depends on what kind of cuisine I want to explore.

What do you do when you are not cooking?
I really have no other interests: cooking is all I think about. The first thing on my mind in the morning and the last in the evening. In my head, I am constantly creating recipes, mixing up different styles and ingredients from around the world. I try to take the best from everything I know and put it together. I love working for Kitchen Guerrilla because they let me experiment with new dishes all the time, and thanks to the mobile kitchen (NOT a food truck!) we can cook anywhere there is enough room.

So now you know all these different tastes. But which one is your favourite?
Honestly, anything prepared just for me, at home. But no one ever wants to cook for me because they think I’ll be harsh on their non-professional cooking skills. It sucks.

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Author: Nico Scagliarini
Photo Credits: Nico Scagliarini

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