James Randolph
From Ohio, USA
In Hamburg since August 2015

Writers are known for their linguistic skill, we’ve been told. Please write a haiku about your favorite place in Hamburg. 
Sitting in comfort.
Watching films at the Savoy.
Cold beer in my hand.

Your super-German in-laws expect traditional Labskaus for dinner, but you’re feeling creative. What goes into your meat grinder? Well, since this a completely fantastical situation, I guess I might as use a little manticore meat and unicorn sausage to create a magically psychedelic labskaus.

Confess your sins, James. Have you ever played dirty? What did you do, and how did it end?
The game hasn’t ended yet, but it is going well so far…

James is an American writer based in Hamburg, available for projects in the EU and USA. For inquires contact: jr@james-randolph.com