Real women brew beer

Kathy Gabel
From Cadenberge, Germany
10 years in Hamburg
Co-founder at Besserbrauer

Hi Kathy, we heard you’re addicted to craft beer. But you’re a woman! Please explain.
I’m addicted BECAUSE I am a woman! Back in the day, brewing beer was a traditional women’s job and craft beer is much tastier than your average supermarket beer. So let’s get that back, girls!

Alright, we’re convinced! How do we start, isn’t brewing pretty difficult?
Brewing is not about tubes and cellars and tanks. It’s as easy as cooking pasta! With our Braubox you get everything you need to brew your own craft beer in your kitchen, apart from some items you probably already have like a large pot, a sieve and a spoon. So far, we’ve created about 5,000 mini-breweries with the Braubox!

Sounds great. What’s the perfect recipe for a delicious craft beer?
Loads of fruity hops in summer, darkness and chocolate in winter. Nothing lower than 5,5% Alc. I’m in beer heaven with IPAs and Stouts. Yum!

Want to give brewing a try yourself? Get your own Braubox at or at the Craft Beer Store in Sternschanze. Cheers.

Photo credits: Lars Franzen

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