A woman with way more projects than time


Ini Mueller
From Montevideo, Uruguay
5 years in Hamburg
Visual Communication and Aart Director student


Hi there! Tell us your story, how did you end up in Hamburg?
I actually was going to move to China to work at a new American restaurant of the father of a girl I met online. He was even going to pay for my plane ticket. I was 18 and full of dreams so I just took the job, paid US$120 for a visa and told the owner of the restaurant that he could buy my ticket. But, when I told my family and friends about it, people started telling me that it was too dangerous: what if they kidnap me and I end up making T-shirts in a basement or something worse. I freaked out and cried all night long. I decided not to go, but I was already so excited with the idea of moving abroad, that I signed up as an au-pair. I didn’t even choose a country, I just looked for the perfect family and I was very lucky to find it here. I ended spending 2 years with them, and they are still my family and very close friends.

What kind of projects are you involved with?
Right know I’m working on two projects. Always Wherever is a series of books of analogue photography: I collect artist from all over the world put them together. Each book has a theme, for instance “Plants”, “Skin” and now I’m working on “Skies”. It’s ironic, because it is about analog photography but I don’t have the money to print it, so the books can only be seen online for now.
The second project is called Too Smart For Art, it’s a collaboration with any artist willing to take part. Each person sends me a photo, and once I collect all the photos, I send each artist the photo from another person. Then you have to make a new work of art with the photo you got. You can do whatever you want: print it and make a collage, draw on it, make a drawing about it, write whatever the photo inspires you to write, or even write on the photo itself. You can also just photoshop it or make a paper ball out of it – whatever you feel like. When you are done with your intervention or contribution, you scan it or take a picture of it and send it to me. Then I will layout the book and it will be online as well, and hopefully printed. The idea is to make an issue every 2 or 3 months.

What is your next dream project?
My very personal project which is currently not really working is that I want to learn how to tattoo. I even bought a tattoo machine and I already tattooed like a hundred oranges, but it’s not the same. If there are any tattoo artists out there willing to help me or teach me how to tattoo, you know where to find me!

Photo credits: Karina Märzke

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