Craft your calling

Kaja Otto
From Bielefeld, Germany
In Hamburg since 2006
Fulfillment Coach

What are the first steps to becoming personally fulfilled? Are you fulfilled now?
You can fulfill the needs of your body, the ideas of your mind, the desire of your heart and the calling of your soul. The easiest way to personal fulfillment is to follow your joy. Whatever makes you happy and lights you up: go and do more of it! If you don’t know what brings you joy, remember what you loved to do as a child, make a list and do one thing each day. You will see: there will be new things popping up and you will reconnect to the feeling of joy. And thereby get closer to fulfillness.
Right now I feel fulfilled. I am absolutely grateful for the life I am able to experience. I can work from everywhere in the world, and travel is a big part of my fulfillment. Complete honesty towards yourself is absolutely necessary to become fulfilled. For me it meant breaking old arrangements—relationships, jobs, habits—that did not create joy for me. I let go of a lot of old stuff. It was an intense process, but absolutely freeing in the end.  A good starting point is to clean out your closet and only keep what really suits you, what makes you shine. Get rid of all the other things. After that, you can move on to your apartment, your friends, your behaviours, whatever crosses your mind.
Do you think women are extra challenged to find personal fulfillment?
From what I see in my work, as women we tend to be more focused on others, than men. We seem to be more concerned about others instead of asking ourselves: What do I want? The key here is self-love, but this is challenging since we grow up thinking we are not loveable the way we are. To understand that no one else will free you from this trap besides yourself is the magic key to freedom and the first step on the road to fulfillment.
Do you have some advice for all of us who are still perfectionists?
There are two basic emotions in life—fear and love. Perfectionism is fear dressed up in haute couture. It keeps you from going for your dreams and fulfilling your desires. You’re already perfect the way you are! So next time fear dresses up, unmask it and ditch of its high heels. There is this saying: better done than perfect. Start before you’re ready, because only then you’ll find out what it needs to get better. My strategy is: the louder perfection, insecurity or one of their cousins talk to me, the more likely I am going to do it. I take it as a sign that I am about to leave my comfort zone, and that’s where the magic happens. And who wouldn’t want more magic in their lives?
Photo credit: Kaja Otto

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