Heal your mind, body and soul and you will reach health and happiness

Friederike Müller

From Hamburg
Co-founder of HEALINDA.DE

A business woman with a passion for holistic health, interesting combination! Tell us about your startup: healinda.
Our startup has the perfect combination for me: my passion for holistic health and my work experience with online platforms like XING. My business partner and I founded our startup last year and are very excited to see the company grow and evolve.
healinda is an online rating and search platform for alternative medicine and holistic treatments.Alternative health practitioners can create a profile where they represent themselves and their services in a professional way. Users who are searching for the best holistic treatment nearby can search by profession, treatment or symptom. Previous ratings from other users can support them in their decision making process. We will offer free and premium memberships. On our blog and lexicon we explain and inform about different treatments that are available.

What is the biggest misconception people have about holistic medicine? 
Some people try holistic medicine or treatments only as a last resort, when all conventional therapies have already failed. In those cases, I guess one of the biggest misconceptions is that people tend to expect a cure or a miracle to happen. And often after just one visit to an alternative practitioner. This expectation is unrealistic and cannot be met. Especially because some holistic therapies are long-term therapies to find and cure the cause of the illness or symptom. A self-responsible approach is also important as it often takes time to change unhealthy patterns, the diet or life circumstances.
I believe that it is advisable to always take care of yourself and therefore your health – not only if you get ill but also to prevent it.

Who do you hope to reach with healinda.de?
The very next goal is our crowdfunding campaign which is running now. Please support us and let’s make the world a healthier and happier place!
On the one hand, we would like to reach holistic health providers like alternative physicians and practitioners, yoga instructors, therapists and  life coaches. They can create their own profile on healinda in order to reach more potential customers and patients. On the other hand, we would like to reach every person who is considering alternative treatments and wants to find the best possible option in their area of choice.
Our goal is to revolutionize the healthcare system so that the human being is at the center of attention again and looked at in a holistic way, which includes not only the body but the mind and the spirit as well.

Support healinda’s crowdfunding campaign and follow healing on TwitterInstagram and Facebook !

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