I share my thoughts and stories and try to encourage, empower and inspire other people

Dominik Auer
From Hettenhausen, Hessen
2,5 years in Hamburg
Photographer/ Designer

Aww, it’s a rare Skittle-eater. Are you dangerous, or mostly nice?
Well, that depends on the people I’m surrounded by. I’m mostly nice and I love to network with people, but if you’d ask my friends they’d definitely tell you about my crazy side

What kind of art do you make?
Art for me is a kind of language. It’s nonverbal but it creates new bridges between people. You don’t have to know much and almost everyone can understand it. And because the most powerful things are silent, art is able to reach things like feelings and memories deep down inside everyone. Things they usually don’t show or buried inside themselves. I haven’t been that confident with words in my past. Expressing my feelings was a hard task that I always messed up. That’s why I started making art. Drawing pictures, taking photos, writing little poems and songs. Everything in life is some sort of art and it’s beautiful to see how people react to things you created.

You seem pretty popular on Instagram and Snapchat. How come?
First of all I wouldn’t say I’m that popular. Although I have some thousands of people on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook you just start having some sort of influence when you hit 10k and that’s a long way to go. It started out when I was still at home with barely any friends and I wanted to share some drawings that I did. I immediately got a good amount of likes and comments, and people interacted with my photos so I just continued doing that. Currently my feed is more of a public diary where I share my thoughts and stories and try to encourage, empower and inspire other people. It’s so important to stay unique and embrace and celebrate your identity in a world that is constantly trying to tell people who they should be and how they should act.

Follow Dominik in Snapchat:  @nikxagain

Photo credits: Medici Robles


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