I speak to animals. They answer.

Catherine Seib
From Hamburg
Animal Communicator

Can you explain what you do as an animal communicator?
What I do is actually animal whispering. I literally ask them questions in my head. It’s called telepathy and I know it sounds impossible, but it works. I just close my eyes, concentrate on the animal that I see on a picture and ask something. It answers by showing me things like images or scenes or by sending me emotions. Or I hear sounds. Sometimes I even smell or taste something (That can be awkward!…)  It all happens in my head. These messages form an answer and that’s what I tell the animal’s human. It’s fun!
And the best part? Anyone can learn it! I give classes and teach people how it works. It is so simple, most people are shocked how easy you can learn this, how fast you get results when you try this. You don’t need to be some kind of meditation master or not even a spiritual kind of person in order to do it. We all do it anyway all the time with ourselves – humans are just animals. But if you grew up in the western world, you were taught that things like this don’t exist. So you don’t do it consciously anymore. It’s like a muscle you never use. But you can train it and gain the ability back step by step.

What were your most impressive animal encounters, what did you learn?
Well, there’s so many stories by now, I am writing a book at the moment. I have been doing this for seven years now.
One time, I was on a vacation in France. I was sitting in my camper van and did a little work. I spoke to a horse in Germany and it told me that it was rescued by its human. The owner wanted to know about its past. She didn’t tell me anything about it and the horse continued to let me know that this woman saved its life by literally buying it off a slaughter truck. It said it came from Poland and was about to die – it was on its way already. It told me how much it loved this woman and how grateful it was because of what she did. The horse won a second life. I was sceptical, that story sounded made up to me. But still, I wrote it all down and the woman replied one day later: Yes, she saved the horse by buying him off a slaughter truck in Poland.
Another time, a cat was being asked by its owner why she had started bringing dead mice to the doorstep. She didn’t use to do that ever but now, at the age of 7, she began. The cat said to me that she doesn’t really like bringing dead mice. She was even a little disgusted by it. But she knew that the cat of the neighbor had always done this for her human. That cat had recently died and she knew that the owner suffered from grieving a lot. So she thought it was a nice idea to bring her little mouse presents just like her cat used to do. The woman laughed and said yes, her and her neighbor had the same entry, the same door for their two-story house. And yes, the neighbor’s cat had died a few weeks back and that’s when her cat started bringing the mice to the doorstep.
And then there was a dog. He pulled so much on the leash when its owner went for walks that it was almost impossible for her to hold him. I asked the dog why he did it and he said that he was trying to pull the woman as far as possible once she was out of the house because she never really went outside, but in the eyes of the dog it was very important for her to move. He said it was important for her health! He knew she was weak so he thought he had to pull her. The woman told me that she had suffered under a spine problem and that she really should walk a lot. But she couldn’t because she was in pain when the dog pulled so much on the leash. So I told her dog to relax and that she could walk much further if he released the leash. It worked. They had long, relaxed walks from that moment on.
Oh, one last story! One time I gave a class for beginners. A woman had brought a picture of a fish who lived in her garden pond. We didn’t know anything about that fish and one participant asked him for his name. “Fridolin” he replied. We thought it was funny until the owner told us that the garden belonged to her parents’ house. Her father died 7 years ago and the fish was much older. Her father always fed the fish in the garden pond and talked to him. He named him Fridolin. So the fish remembered over seven years that his old man named him that. Isn’t that fantastic?

How can we as humans improve our relationship with animals? What can they teach us?
Listen to your animals. Speak to them! If you can’t really hear what your animal says, tell your animal how much you appreciate it. How beautiful you think it is, how much you worship whatever it does for you. And even when it’s only there to make you laugh or to create chaos into your perfection. It really improves both of your lives and makes your heart fonder if you appreciate every being around you. Say hello to the birds in your garden. Be respectful to a spider, even when you’re scared. They all know more than you’d think. And they help you much better if you respect and acknowledge them. Your pets really want to help you. The more you appreciate them trying, the more they can do for you.
I learn from them how to be a better human. How to live in the moment, how to enjoy life at its fullest. Animals know much more about life than most people think. Your pet knows how you are, where you work, what makes you happy and what’s healthy for you. One cat once told me it’s owner “stuffed all kinds of toxic food into her mouth all day”. I translated that into a slightly friendlier message to that woman and then she admitted that she weighs over 200 kg and that she eats junk food all day. She was very sick and never left the house. I had never seen this woman.

Want to know more about Catherin and her animal encounters? Follow her on Facebook and Instagram, see her in action on YouTube and read more stories in her blog.

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