I walk on the wild side of everyday life

Nina Martinsen
From Hamburg, Germany
Everyday adventurist

Why is everyday life so exciting to you?
For many years, my full-time job was very time-consuming, so my leisure time became much more important to me. I had no time for big adventures, so I started actively looking for the little everyday life experiences – and began to write about it. I found out that I don’t need bungee jumping or wildlife safaris to feel thrilled. Everyday life is already exciting and satisfying.
How can we start going on adventures too? Any tips?
The key is to be open for the little things and to see our everyday life routine from a new perspective. And of course you can read my blog to find a lot of tips and tricks! I can’t remember times I didn’t have fun with little adventures. Perhaps I never lost the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child.  Everyday life is not your enemy – try to discover it. It’s all out there! The crazy little things and the adventure life and the confetti.
Where is adventure taking you next?
I would love to rent a tandem and go for a ride along the river Elbe with friends. Sounds not very thrilling? Be a tourist in your hometown, discover unknown spots and imagine you are on a roadtrip – to engage in new experiences is the first step to become an everyday life adventurer. The best everyday life adventures are the spontaneous ones. My most surprising everyday adventure was a wild, head-to-head race during a nightly bike ride with my hair blowing in the wind and bumps in the road, all the while laughing with good friends. What made it so special? The unexpected strong sense of freedom I felt in this moment of doing ordinary biking.

Can’t wait for your next adventure? Follow Nina on alltagsabenteurer.de and facebook.com/alltagsabenteurer and get inspired.

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