Nourish yourself

Lars Bülhof
From Halten Am See
6 years in Hamburg
Food scientist and activist

Ze Kitchen

Hi Lars! What kind of activist are you? What are your ideals and how do you strive for them?
I am a food activist, concentrating on science, health and the environment, all the while changing the world for the better. I strive for that through workshops related to food and food science. My goal is not to point the finger too hard towards negative influences, but instead, to bring back the fun in nutrition.
I was working in the food industry. After a while I had sleepless nights because my work just did not feel right. My personal values did not match the jobs I had done. When I was thinking about how to change for the better, I was let go. I walked away and smiled: “Great! That decision has been made. I’m free.” This pushed me to start organising workshops about nutrition. My concept is to interact with my participants to give them the knowledge they need and ask for. If someone asks for some bad news, I tell some. My work feels like a hobby and I have a positive impact on this world. That’s all I’m dreaming of. Everyone can make a change.

Tell us about the food industry, how do you feel about it?
The food industry is a surreal area to work in. Tons of goods are produced every single day and shipped all over the world. I always asked myself “Who really eats all those dozens of tons of ice cream and chocolate we are producing today?“ The scale in big companies is incredible. Watch the movie Our Daily Bread by Nikolaus Geyrhalter for a reality check. It was shot 11 years ago and it still seems like science fiction. Also The Wing or Thigh with Louis de Funès was a parody to ‘modern food’ in 1976. The biggest joke: it’s still up to date.

What is so important about good nutrition? Where does good nutrition start and end?
Nutrition is a very personal thing. It’s impossible to tell one way that works for each and everyone. It depends on metabolic rates, gender, age, habits, values and so much more. Basically, varied and fresh food keeps your systems running. Inadequate nutrition will ruin any system sooner or later.
Nutrition is connected not only to the body. By eating the wrong things for too long, not only health, but also the environment and humanity can be hurt simultaneously.
At best, food takes a local circle:
from local fields / producers
back to the fields         to small markets
to the bathroom       to your kitchen
through your body
On every step, food has some impact. It should be positive.

Photo credits: Thomas Kosikowski

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