St Pauli hobo with a macbook

Marine Michel
From France
4 years in Hamburg
Art Director/Photographer

How did you end up in St. Pauli with your Macbook? 
I was born in France to a Malagasy immigrant and a French sailor’s son, in what is probably the most chaotic family you have ever met. Being shipped off to London at the age of eight was just the beginning of my travels, which included living in the Middle of Nowhere, China. Three years of homeschooling later, I started attending a local university called Design Factory, which turned out to have a sister school in Hamburg. In less than a year I transferred and set up shop in St Pauli.

How has St. Pauli been treating you lately? Find any good photo spots?
St. Pauli always manages to reel me in. Just when I want to leave, it always finds a way to pull me back in. Although I’m not too fond of the ongoing gentrification in this area, I’m still in love, probably even more so than when I arrived. Losing my flat when the Esso Haüser came down was pretty hard, but I’ve found something better now. And of course there’s the Kandie Shop (free wifi + coffee + bagels = fuck yeah!) I think I wouldn’t have survived these four years without it, it’s my safe haven.
As for photo spots – anywhere with good graffiti. The great thing about St. Pauli is that it’s full of creative people and the graffiti scene is always changing here. One week there might be a drawing of a giant dick, the next week there’s a beautiful flower – it’s never boring. I guess that’s why I’m still here!

Should we have more Art Directors in the world?
HELL TO THE NO. I need a job and the competition is hard enough as it is. To be a good at it, you need to have a wide range of skills and knowledge when it comes to creative processes. You need to be communicative, creative, slightly weird and outrageous, a team player, and sometimes an asshole – for the greater good.

Feel like giving Marine a job? Great idea! Check out her art directing and photography skills on her website.

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