We don’t save the earth, we save ourselves

Manuel Dingemann
From Mettmann, Germany
10 years in Hamburg

What kind of videos do you produce, and for whom?
At Erster Sinn, we develop ideas and produce image videos, product videos and animated videos for sustainable companies and organisations. I consider customers sustainable when either their purpose is to offer a new, radically more sustainable solution, or they foster existing sustainable solutions and values. It’s not enough if only a fraction of their product range, or just a single department is sustainable.

Why do you only make videos for sustainable customers?
I want to slow down climate change. Sustainability means less waste of resources and more love to what is already there, and sustainable companies can make a big contribution in reducing CO2 emissions and saving resources. Sustainability values the people of the future just as much as people living today. It’s a necessity for humankind to survive: We don’t save the Earth — we save ourselves.

You’ve narrowed down your customer pool quite a bit. Can you survive with it?
This is one of the top three questions people ask me. Narrowing down to a niche is one of the most beneficial entrepreneurial strategies. It has several big benefits. First of all, you’re the best: I own the best video production for sustainable companies in Hamburg. Secondly, constraints make you creative. Thirdly, people remember you. And lastly, working with companies that share the same passion is just more fun.

Photo credits: Christina Nissen

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