We offer skater a free necklace and locket made from deck, if they donate their used and wrecked decks

Maurice Schadowske
From Hamburg
Optician gone jewelry designer 

That looks pretty cool! What are you doing over there?
I’m cutting out wood from an old skateboard! After that, we shape it and sand the edges to finish the jewelry piece. I started working on acetate jewelry in the beginning of 2015 and then a friend asked me to craft a ring out of his old skateboard deck. Since then, I’ve been fascinated by the possibilities and the unique look of products made from old skateboards and cellulose-acetate.

Tell us something about cellulose-acetate: what is it, and can we eat it?
Cellulose-acetate is a synthetic fibre, first made in 1865. It is used as a film base in analog photography, as frame material for eyeglasses and many other things. Lego made their toys with it from 1949 to 1963! I wouldn’t recommend eating it, just like I wouldn’t recommend eating wood.
Talking about wood, where do you find the old skateboards? 
On our paulibird website, we offer skaters a free necklace and locket made from deck, if they donate their used and wrecked decks. Most of them only send us one, but sometimes we receive dozens that people collected over years. The oldest deck we received was a deck from 1989 with a Batman vs. Joker Design

Got a skateboard to spare, or would you like to see Maurice’s jewelry designs? Check out paulibird.com.
Photo credit: Fabian Hellgardt

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