Letting ideas and people flourish – one person and idea at a time


Felix Handler
From Neumünster
7 years in Hamburg
Project and change manager by day
Passion driver by night

Hi Felix! Can you tell us more about your mission in life?
I surely can! I love seeing people flourish, grow and enjoy what they do. Sometimes you first need to ignite the spark and show them what is possible or challenge them to discover and then nurture it. I want to provide that to as many people as possible and thus would like to find a way to scale that. I work in project and change management, which is a direct way to provide an environment for that, but 12min.me e.g. is a way to scale that.

Sounds cool, but what is 12min.me exactly?
12min.me is a series of short talks, each 12 minutes in length, followed by 12 minutes Q&A. Whatever has not been answered by then, is the perfect initiator for the networking session afterwards, where snacks and drinks are provided for free. We make sure that it does not become a marketing event, so no “let me first tell you about my company, etc”. Hamburg understatement is our principle.

We also have several verticals by now already – StartupSlam, Lifescience / 12min.med, CoudeRouge / FinTech, Inflagranti / 12min.law, 12min.move / mobile, Expat Talks, soon also New Work, IoT…. All of those go with the same promise that 12min.me stands for – we keep it interesting for a broad audience.

This is why visitors from one event often visit the other events as well, because they become curious. In this way, we connect the old and the new economy, young and old, and generally the different industries and ecosystems in Hamburg. Our generalist format – the Ignite Talks – are also already happening in Munich, Hanover, Berlin, Rostock, Stuttgart and soon Budapest. Every 2nd Thursday of the month we have around 800 people on our events simultaneously and we keep growing.

Do you have any tips for people who don’t dare to follow their dreams or ideas yet?
Start with something small to get you going. For that, check out http://catchawish.de/. Instant gratification that keeps you going. Then, of course, also visit 12min.me events or chat me up in person or virtually. I would love to hear from you! Traveling around the world and not only staying in the full-inclusive tourist resorts definitely also helps.

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