I love being on tour, meeting different kinds of people and seeing different cities

Isabel Martín Alonso
From Stuttgart, Germany
2 years in Hamburg

Those are beautiful tattoos!
Oh, thank you! I was in different studios in Germany to get them done, but my favourite and main artist is Timo Costa from Hamburg. He did my whole arm tattoo and my hand tattoo — his work is amazing.

Tell us about your job, what is it like?
My main job is (digital) media designer but it’s hard to find a job or agency in this big city. (If anybody had connections feel free to write me a message on Instagram!) But my other passion is to go on tour with bands. I sell merch stuff for some bands and I love being on tour, meeting different kinds of people  and seeing different cities. What I don’t like is the bad food on tour and sometimes I miss my own bed and my family or friends.

Cool! What kind of music do you prefer, and where do you go to appreciate it?
I prefer alternative rock, but I’m open minded — I also like singer/songwriter and 80ies and 90ies music. When I go out to dance, I like hip hop and danceable music. For dancing I like Übel&Gefährlich, Molotow or Headcrash. But my favourite bar in Hamburg is Hong Kong Bar on the Reeperbahn: the best shots and crazy people! And when I need some silent moments I take a walk along the Elbstrand.

Instagram: @Lamartin  Photo credit: JoHusen

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