The world’s fastest electric surfboard

From Kiel, Germany
2 years in Hamburg
Startup Surfer

What the hell is that majestic beast underneath your feet?
That is the Lampuga Boost, the world’s fastest electric surfboard. It’s made from carbon and can a reach a speed up 54 km per hour!

Cool. Have you taken the Lampuga to popular surf sports yet? Any funny reactions?
We have already surfed the Lampuga in Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York City, Miami and at popular surf spots in France and Portugal. People typically start taking photos with their smartphones after the initial shock of seeing a battery-powered surfboard for the first time, haha.

Think big! What do you think is the future potential of Lampuga?
I hope that the prices for batteries will decrease in the future. That would make our jetboards more affordable to more people. And it would also have a positive impact on the environment. Most watercrafts like jetskis still run on gas and oil which is a shame.

Instagram: @lampugagermany
Photo credits: Lampuga

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