Steffi Sternberg and Marco Scania

From Berlin and Bayern
9 and 6 years in Hamburg
Teaching art at Akademie Leonardo


Tell us about Akademie Leonardo, what is it?
It´s a private, caring, light-flooded academy of fine art. We teach illustration design and offer painting classes. We provide the people with the tools to express themselves in the best possible way. Our main focus is that we want our students to excel through the quality of their works.

What kind of people can join Akademie Leonardo?
Everybody who enjoys drawing and painting and wants to learn the art of communicating through pictures and illustrations.

What do you enjoy about teaching students at Akademie Leonardo?
We take pleasure in being surrounded by such an amount of ambitions creative talent! We like about our jobs that we get to accompany the students and support their processes. Developing new ideas and motivating our students when they hit a wall is what we enjoy the most.

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Photo credits: Gerd Krenckel