Travel: the only thing you can spend money on and get richer

Alexandra Meyer

From Paris/San Francisco
3 years in Hamburg


That looks like a nice day at the beach! What do you do in Hamburg when it rains?
Hamburg has so much to offer when it rains! My favorite hobbies are sitting in cafes like Elbgold, Herr Max, or Playground Coffee, or checking out my favorite museums like Deichtorhallen or Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe. Hamburg also has gorgeous art cinema houses like the Savoy or Abaton. Another must-do for rainy days is go sit in a falafel shop in Sternschanze (Falafel Stern is my favorite!) and enjoy a huge plate of middle eastern food and fresh mint tea. I never worry too much about the rain, because Hamburg has so many great things to offer indoors.

Do you have travel plans for the future? Where will the wind blow you next?
Well, I’m currently writing this article from Oaxaca, Mexico. I can’t get enough of travel, and this beautiful town in southern Mexico is to die for. I’m doing an internship in sustainable fashion, which I’m hoping to pursue once I finish my studies. Hopefully this industry could take me to other countries; my next big travel dream is to go to India. I’m itching to go there so badly! Hopefully it can happen in 2017. I’m in love with bright colors, culture, and a bit of chaos, so I think I would love the country very much.

What would you advise people who can’t afford to travel?
The world is so globalized now, that you don’t have to go anywhere to get the cultures and flavors from far-away places. Cities like Hamburg have museums, restaurants, cafés, boutiques with things from all around the world. Spend time in culturally diverse neighborhoods and try some foods you’ve never had before. Also, look for art-house cinemas that likely show foreign films. I know in Hamburg, there are cultural festivals every year – from the African Festival in Wandsbek to the Indian Holi Festival – there is so much to experience!

Photo credits: Alexandra Meyer

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