Born an Indian, living like a German!

Aditya Siddannavar

Bangalore, India
6 months in Hamburg

Bigpoint Games’ Performance Marketing department

How did you discover your love for games?
I played my first PC games (Prince and Roadrash), back on my Windows 95 desktop. And the journey began there: gaming back in my childhood days was fun, however, it was serious business later on. I was highly fond of strategy games like Command & Conquer: Zero Hour. I used to make strategy plans to how I am going to attack my opponent in the next game. And when I think about that, games aren’t just waste of time, they stimulate your brain and your thought process. I can say playing games helped me in my career. When you are losing an online battle, you have to keep your calm and maintain your composure. Think and think fast, make the next move and BAM — you win. Copy/paste that in your real life, it works.

What is important for a game to be good? Examples?
These days I am more of a casual gamer, I mostly play FIFA 16, started with FIFA 98 World Cup. It again depends on what genre of game you are talking about. Are you looking at graphics, gameplay, the fun aspect, how realistic is the game … When I was a hard-core gamer, graphics and how realistic the game is mattered the most to me, and that made a game good to me. Most of Tom Clancy’s titles.

Did you have any idea about FC St Pauli before you came to HH?
I did hear about FC St. Pauli from the Germans I hosted back in India via Couchsurfing. When I initially arrived in Germany, many people gave me a different impression about FC St. Pauli. Hooliganism, drinking, less football and more of everything else. However, when I met some people at Schanze and talked more about FC St. Pauli, I made my own impression. I believe this football club stands for what is right in today’s society. And the atmosphere at their stadium is electrifying. Whoever says, FC St. Pauli is less football and more of everything else. Let’s go watch a game my friend. A big fat YES, I am fan of FC St. Pauli.

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