Julian Philipp Mohr
From Pinneberg
26 years in Hamburg
Business punk

Tell us about your band! What kind of music do you make?
We play metalcore music, one of the most aggressive music genres that exist. My best friends started to listen to rock music at the age of 17, that’s when we decided to start a band. Everyone just bought an instrument that they wanted to play, without any experience. Over the years, the sound got more extreme and brutal. We usually play in Germany, in the Hamburg area, but we’ve also played gigs in Switzerland. People wouldn’t listen to our music in their cars, but when we’re playing its entertaining they say, because fans go nuts and break their noses when moshing.

You started a company at 22. Weren’t you afraid to fail, so young?
It was a startup for underground fashion labels and talented upcoming designers. Our Instagram account @favics is still running. I was more afraid to see someone else build a company that was my idea. I think you cannot fail. People who fail just stopped trying. Projects can fail, but not people.

There’s a zombie outbreak and you have to choose a musical instrument as a weapon. Which, and why?
Some death metal bands’ guitar players have a guitar shaped like an axe, so I guess I’d choose that one.

  • Must-see or must-do in Pinneberg: Shangria La Bar (Shisha Cafe), corner at the train station.
  • Best venue in HH for a gig: Logo Hamburg, Übel & Gefährlich


Photo credits: @teqklla

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