It was time to be outspoken about adult female sexuality

Ingeborg Trampe
From Frankenberg in Hesse
15 years (with interruptions) in Hamburg
Erotic fiction author & PR consultant

Tell us about your journey. Why did you start writing erotic stories?

I was living at Berlin at that time. My clients were all on holiday, it was a hot August and I had some time on my hands to think about how I could stretch my writer’s muscle. I always liked the “Samantha” character of the TV-show “Sex in the City” and thought it would be great to develop a character based on her, but as a reloaded version. That was the birth of Suzette Oh. I started to write a blog about her fictional adventures. My first book Pussy Diary (Droemer Knaur Verlag) is based on this blog, but I have written it completely new from scratch.

When I started to write the blog, I was researching the hedonistic party scene in Berlin. I met people who lived their sexual life in a very libertine way, not based on our usual monogamy ideal. Of course it influenced my own beliefs on partnership and sexuality. I felt enriched in a way I hadn’t expected by meeting a lot of interesting people. Those encounters inspired me for some stories, others are based on fantasies of friends or my own.

What makes for a good erotic story, in comparison to the ‘Fifty Shades’-stuff?

’Fifty Shades of Grey’ has surely opened the market for erotic literature. Suddenly you saw women in the tube reading sexy stuff out in the open. But I always felt that ‘50-Shades-of Grey’ used a very conservative image of women. The main female character is building her life around a man, she follows him and is seeking love in the end – not sexual or personal adventures. My aim is to write for modern women, who gain their own money, empower themselves, have their own view on the world, who make men follow them – at least sometimes. I also felt the need to develop a female tone of voice for the erotic scenes: explicit, sexy, humorous and avoiding clichés. It was time to be outspoken on an adult female sexuality.

What can we learn from Suzette Oh?

I would be wonderful if especially women would allow themselves a deeper connection to their sexual feelings and belongings. At least in their dreams and fantasies. In our society women who like experimenting with their sexuality are still called sluts very quickly,  while men can do whatever they want. As far as I can see –  and there a plenty of studies to support this view – women would love to be far more adventurous and have much stronger sexual desires than we tend to believe. And maybe partnerships would last longer and be far happier if we would allow our partners more sexual freedom

Feeling lustful? Meet Suzette Oh on the original blog, or order a copy of the Pussy Diary and Secret Dreams – Hotel der Lust.

Photo credits: Sebastian R. Fuchs

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