International School of Hamburg: Teaching by Example #sponsored

Andreas Swoboda, a native Berliner, thinks Hamburg is the second nicest city in German. Germany’s second city has been growing on Mr. Swoboda since he relocated here in 2011 to become headmaster at The International School of Hamburg.

Since that time, the school’s notoriety and popularity have continued to grow, with the current student body boasting 56 nationalities in addition to 30% German student enrollment. Taking students all the way from preschool to year 12, the school offers a holistic program promoting internationalism.

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Credits: MediciRobles

Mr Swoboda wholeheartedly embraces a philosophy of internationalism, having spent time in Kenya (where he met his wife), Singapore (where their children were born) and India. During his time abroad, Mr. Swoboda set a precedent for managing successful international schools, with substantial enrolment increases at all the schools he headed.

Athletics, especially basketball, are dear to Mr. Swoboda’s heart. While he previously coached the International School’s successful Boy’s Varsity Team, he has now been promoted to coaching the Girl’s 14 & Under Team, of which his eldest daughter happens to be a member.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-19 um 08.45.04.png
Credits: MediciRobles

No stuffy headmaster sitting behind closed doors, the day we met, Andreas was in coaching gear working in his glass-walled office. As enrollment continues to grow, he can still greet students by name as they pass. Mr. Swoboda’s warm brand of international education is right at home in Hamburg.

James Randolph is American writer with a background in food, music and the arts. With a focus on content for the international market, James is available for projects in the EU and USA. For inquires contact: jr@james­

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