“I love digital art”

Arnaldo Andrés González Jiménez
From Caracas, Venezuela
2 years in Hamburg
Visual artist

Hi Arnaldo! Tell us about your latest creation.

My latest creation is an experimental video called Impuls, it’s part of my final artwork of my Master’s at the University here. There are many political and social reasons that take us to migrate to another country. We change the perception of our home and our identity moves from one place to another with us. Impuls is a video-artwork based on the moment we decide to build a new home at a new location. When we start to adapt to a different environment, at times we may feel this attempt is like giving up one’s own identity. This has also inspired me to develop my series of collages Quiénes (Who). Here, I compare the situation of our origins and our native language with a new one by detailed reflections of the past and the present.

I love digital art. What I like most about my work is that very simple objects can be transformed into other objects in seconds by using the computer. I like how my videos evoke objects that are not really there and then there is a presence of visual processing: I find in this point the importance of my work.


How is being an artist in Hamburg different from Caracas?

The artist in Hamburg is very connected with people and places. I think that the artist in Hamburg has more opportunities to expose his work. The possibilities of producing artistic work are much higher here than in Caracas. Economic and political problems that each city has, will influence the development of artistic projects, but another big difference is the structure that exists in cultural matters.

Where can we see your work?

I currently work with Fonis Gallery in Dusseldorf. There you can not only see my videos but also drawings and collages. I’m looking for new spaces to project my videos in Hamburg and others cities. In any case there will be always news on my website and social networks.

See Arnaldo’s videos on Vimeo and Youtube, or listen to his sound project. You can also follow @arnaldogonzalezvisual on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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