I love surrounding myself by inspiring and creative people.

Sabela García Cuesta
From Madrid (Spain)
5 years in Hamburg
Program Manager at next media accelerator
Big mamma at Gute Leute Magazine


What is an accelerator, what do you do there?
We invest in early stage media related startups from Europe and Israel. They come to Hamburg to spend six months time with us and take advantage of our contacts to the media industry. For them it is a great way to scale in Europe starting from Germany and specially Hamburg the city of media! Of course they also get up to 50K Euro with is also of great help. When I talk about “hackathons”, “MVPs”, “coworking space”, “pitches”… my friends always laugh they see me as a startup freak!

Five years is a long time. Don’t you miss something from back home?
I’ve spent five years here but I lived almost four in London and spent some months in Beijing. To be honest, the only thing I really miss is the good weather, to be precise the sun. When it comes out, all the people get crazy, energetic and happy and make long queues outside ice cream shops. I love that feeling!

What’s a spot in Hamburg where we could find you?
I’m a big fan of the sight from Park Fiction at sunset: the Elbe, ships coming and leaving, the amazing mix of people hanging around… It gets only better with a beer on the hand bought at the kiosk around the corner.

Check out my Instagram if you are curious about how I see life: hhsabela

Or follow me on Twitter for some startup stuff @hhsabela

Photo credits: Medici Robles

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