Koral Elci
From Turkey
15 years in Hamburg


Tell us about Focacceria Bonassola: what kind of place is it?
Focacceria Bonassola is the only place to be in Hamburg if you love Italian Focaccia and Aperitivo. We have a huge range of people from Genova who say that our focacccia tastes like at home or germans who loves focaccia or who never heard about focaccia but loved it after being here.

For the poor readers who have never tasted it: what is focaccia and what makes it delicious, according to you?
Focaccia is the grandmother of pizza. Focaccia exists even 800 AD. Is originally from Liguria. Focaccia tastes very juicy because of the olive oil in the dough. You can eat focaccia 3 times a day. You can eat it cold or warm you can easily regenerate it.

Photo credit: Seren Dal