I love the variety and communication with the people.

Deborah Klein
From Berlin, Germany
4 years in Hamburg
PR Freelancer


How did you get into the world of public relations?

I stepped into the world of PR after my education at a radio station. The intersection of PR and journalism always fascinated me and I just wanted to further my abilities. After some experiences at PR agencies and companies, I decided to become a freelancer in public relations. With a big network in my pocket and expertise built over the years, I was ready for doing PR with interesting customers.

Why is there a rivalry between PR and journalism, and where do you stand in it?

A lot of people from the industry see a rivalry between the areas, but I don’t. I think it’s a big mistake because PR and journalism can are mutually compatible can even learn of each other. If PR is high-quality, it works out journalistically-oriented. Hence, the editorial staff also is open for PR subjects which have a message and an added value for the reader. For me, PR is primarily journalistic, less promotional. If you want promotion, you’d better book an announcement. If the quality and approach is right, PR people and journalists are very co-operative with each other. Of course everything under the premise of being objective. The subject must be in tune, not the contacts.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love the variety and communication with the people. For my customers, I look for the best story, always with journalistic value. This search is a challenge every time again, but my experience is that everyone has an interesting story to tell. Then I get into my workflow and things begin to fit together and often the suitable media are found naturally. The preliminary work is the most important step: you should work precisely, only with the facts and be really interested in the customer. My customers get involved on this journey and they have fun, because they get involved themselves.

Contact Deborah Klein here.

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