Functional training has never looked as sexy

Michel Schreier, Hamburg
From Nürnberg, Germany
17 years in Hamburg


Tell us about Scapegoat: what is it – and is it really that sexy?

Scapegoat is an all-purpose functional training tool designed for powerful whole body workout sessions – either all by yourself, as team or within a larger group. Whether you own a martial arts studio or act as a martial arts or personal trainer within a gym or fitness studio – it  works beautifully for all different purposes. Of course we are aware of the history of this training concept – as there is the classic martial arts workout with a sledgehammer and a badass oversized truck tire. We took advantage of that principle – improved the system and craft every single piece directly in Hamburg.

Yes, we think Scapegoat is designed in a sexy manner. Our intention was to create a rather old-school-looking gym tool. So we went for a branding which indeed deserves the name: our logo is literally branded on both sides and on each of the two bats. The design and concept convinced Designxport in Hamburg (HafenCity) – Scapegoat was placed in their shop-window for a longer period.


You are a professional copywriter, what made you start Scapegoat?

The love for martial arts, the passion to challenge existing concepts and the desire to come up with our very own product made me and Sönke Schwark create a real product. After all those years of creating ad campaigns for nearly every possible consumer good, the time was right to restart. Sönke is a very experienced cameraman – and moreover a cabinetmaker. So we bundled all of our skills and came up with a more or less classic Hamburg startup. We strongly believe: the best results come up when passion is the driving force. So Scapegoat is our very own goat – naughty like the animal itself.


Let’s go deep into your soul. Have you ever been a scapegoat yourself? Do you approve of scapegoating?

I’ve been a scapegoat the last years. Blaming others for the course of your own life is probably one of the most widespread inventions of mankind! Scapegoat is our answer to that pattern. We strictly do not approve of scapegoating others – let Scapegoat do that for you. We recommend you to take responsibility for every single move in your life. Our product should be the only physical tool that gets all the negative feedback. When you love martial arts, this is your tool. If you think of a scapegoat next time, it is probably our workout tool. And we promise: you will find peace within when you work out and improve your skills on the gym mat.

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Photo credits: Oliver Schwarzwald (From left to right: Schwark, Scapegoat, Schreier)

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