And what exactly is your function?….

Gavin Nugent
From Dublin, Ireland
6 years in Hamburg
Director and fitness coach


Don’t keep us hanging! What is your function?

I am the resident ‘Captain of Happiness’ at Fit4TheGame…I do my best to keep the members and coaches happy and smiling. Technically speaking, I’m also the owner and CEO.

I love the incredibly supportive, familial environment and the bonds that the members forge with each other and with the coaches. I also love the fact that every single person in this club does something amazing that most people don’t know about.


What is the biggest hurdle for people to start doing sports, and how can they overcome it?

For most people, the single biggest hurdle is overcoming what the Germans call ‘Der innere Schweinehund’: one’s own laziness. To be fair, humans are by nature (and to a greater or lesser extent) ‘lazy’. Over millions of years of evolution, we were conditioned to be sparing and efficient with our energy. Up until the middle of the last century, energy (calories) was a relatively rare commodity, and securing enough energy to survive the rigours of life cost our forbears a lot of hard work.

Nowadays, with a bakery on every corner (literally!), we have calories in abundance, and our work consists mostly of intellectual tasks, rather than getting sweaty out in the fields with a plough. Many of us need guidance, coaching and support, as we strive to ‘claw back’ our fitness, to regain our mobility, our stability and our waistline.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry has a terrible reputation on all of these fronts, as most gyms are run with a top-down approach: first make sure that the profit-margin is right, and then right at the very end of the equation comes the physical and emotional needs of the members. We think this is a bullshit approach, but it’s the reality of our industry, and it’s a shame, because it is completely avoidable.

At Fit4TheGame, we take an enormous amount of time to understand the needs and lifestyles of every single member. This is vital, if we are to truly help and guide each individual to sustainable success.

Each of our members came to us with one thing in common: they were sick and tired of the anonymity of big clubs and gyms, and each of them recognised that they needed guidance and help from professional coaches who really do have their best interest at heart.

We get our biggest kick in watching each of our members embark on their journeys, overcome the hurdles which life throws in the way, and achieving their goals.


What kind of people can we find at your studio – and can we also meet you there in action?

A German would call our membership a ‘bunte Mischung’…a colourful mix, and we are extremely proud of that, as are the members. We’ve got nurses, teachers, photographers, students, Fortune-500 CEOs, stay-at-home mums, professional athletes. A desire to achieve something and being part of something special is the factor that binds us all together.

On our homepage you can arrange a free ‘get to know us’ appointment. This gives you and us the chance to meet each other in person, and see if we suit each other as people, and to ascertain if we are the best people to meet your needs. Here’s the direct link to the form, in case you feel it’s time for you to make a change!

Photo credit: Martin Foddanu

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