1,5 years in Hamburg
French Bulldog

Hi Cäsar, you’re a pretty cool looking dog! What kind of colour are you?
My colour is called “fawn-merle”: it’s a really rare colour and I’m very proud to be so special.

What’s the funnest thing you have done in Hamburg? What does your favourite day look like?
The funnest thing I’ve ever done was at the Volkspark in Altona. I was hanging around with my owners, Norman and Lisa, and then I saw little girl with a biscuit in her hand. I ran towards her and I couldn’t behave myself – of course I took the biscuit out of her hand. My owners were not amused.

Humans sometimes seem so angry and depressed, especially in Winter. What advice do you have for them?
I enjoy every day as if it was my last, and I reward myself. Well, in my case, I let myself be rewarded with a treat, of course. Also I recommend long walks and lots of sleep.

Instagram: Kingcaesar_thefrenchie