Too much cake is never enough

Ines Pfisterer
From Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany
5 years in Hamburg

Who is Schneewittchen, and what does she say to cake-traditionalists?

Schneewittchen is my artist name. When I decided to bake vegan cakes, I looked for a symbol that best represents me and my sweet little treats. People always told me I have similarities with Schneewittchen and so it was obvious to create a logo that shows me as Schneewittchen offering a cake. As I am working in marketing, I know that people trust brands more when they know the person behind it.

It is not my mission to convince people to try vegan cakes, but I often see that they eat my cakes and like them. Afterwards, when I tell them it is vegan, they can’t believe it. Actually my intention is to bake healthy delicious cakes and of course I like the effect of using only vegetable products. So what I want to point out is: I am okay if people don’t like cakes because of the taste, but I think it’s ridiculous not to try cakes because they are made vegan.

Why did you start organising the vegan cake-parties? What are they like, who comes and what do you make?

In my favorite cafes, I often had the situation  to choose just one single piece out a thousand delicious sweet treats. I would gladly go for all of them at once. Just to feel the taste of each and every one. But that would obviously be too much cake.This inspired me to create an event where you can try a little piece of any cake you choose.You can eat as much of the sweet little sins as you want. Guaranteed in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by other cake-lovers. It is a wonderful community event, where passion for eating cake is mixed with enjoyment and fun. Besides the ultimate vegan cake buffet, we usually offer fruit punches, sparkling wine and some bread with homemade dips to help your tastebuds during this feasting. Different coffee specialities and variations of tea complete the tasting event at its best.

Do you have any magic tricks or ingredients that make your vegan cakes extra delicious?

The most fabulous recipe for my delicious cakes is the passion I bake with and the amount of creativity I work with. I love to experiment with different ingredients to experience an unforgettable taste adventure. I always teach in my baking lessons that baking vegan cakes is not rocket science. You only need the patience to try the combination of different ingredients, and learn how they react to each other. Fortunately, there are so many alternative products in supermarkets, which make it very easy to learn make vegan cakes. Just try, try, try!

And if you need any support, just visit one of my baking lessons at Kurkuma Kochschule in Eimsbüttel.

Where can we find the best vegan cake in Hamburg?

It is very hard for me to decide who offers the best vegan cake in Hamburg: But I recommend you the vegan carrot cake at Happenpappen in Eimsbüttel. It’s is delicious!

Would you like to become as much of a baking fairy as Ines, or join one of her vegan cake parties? Check out Ines’ website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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