The guys behind the stunning drone flight videos around and inside the Elbphilharmonie

Simon Fessler & Tobias Paul
From Karlsruhe & Mannheim, Germany
2 & 0,5 years in Hamburg
Film production

You’ve made some pretty cool videos for very big companies. How can you tell interesting stories about those?

We believe that there is always a good story to capture that moves the viewer. Sometimes you just have to look close enough. Talking about big brands like Haspa or BMW M you will always find really impressing people with unexpected stories. As our work always goes hand in hand with great partners, agencies and awesome creative people, the result is mostly an collaborative outcome. Well, that is probably how we find those special stories.


What was the most exciting film production you’ve done lately? Any funny anekdotes … maybe about drones that landed in the Elbe … ?

We don’t know what you are talking about, haha… Well, this actually happened back in summer, when we shot the first part of the Elbphilharmonie drone race, where you can go on an interactive race around the Elbphilharmonie and see all the stunning perspectives. At the end of a long shooting day we needed a shot of one drone outpacing the other over the Elbe, that’s when they hit each other and one of them tumbled into the water. So if you want to go for a dive, it is still there.

Actually the most exciting production lately was shooting the sequel of the drone race inside the Elbphilharmonie. This time we flew with a small racing drone and a bigger quadcopter through the whole building. So we had the drones flying from the ground floor through the whole tube to the Plaza up to the foyer areas and inside the Grand Hall. On the one hand it was awesome shooting inside this amazing building but on the other hand it was also kind of nerve wracking. For example in the Grand Hall there were so many microphones hanging from the ceiling that it was a tough job for our pilots flying in there and you really don’́t want to imagine what would happen if one of the drones had crashed in one of the hand shaped wall panels of the Grand Hall. But it was really worth it, we got so spectacular shots from unique angles inside this great building, that you just have to watch it over and over again

Your videos are crystal clear and have so much movement! Do you have superpowers?

Thank you! We both have a background in photography – we try to compose every shot of our videos as if they were stills so if you pause the video you should have a perfectly composed picture. When it comes to motion, we’re looking for camera movement that supports the story and the emotions we want to tell with the shot. Besides our background in photography we both grew up shooting action sport photos and videos and we think this is where our affinity for smooth camera motion and sometimes our DIY attitude emerges. So if you see us shooting it is likely that we have a skateboard on set to get some nice and smooth dolly shots. Besides the skateboard we mostly shoot on Steadicams or Gimbals to get the movement in our shots.

Are you curious to see some beautiful pieces of film by Simon & Paul? Check their stuff at, or

Photo credit: Friederike Seybold


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