This charming man

Tobias Tietchen
From Hamburg
Tattoo artist

How did you discover your talent? And when did you decide people should wear your art on their bodies? 😉

It was more like other people discovered that. I got in touch with tattooed people when I started listening to Punk Rock at the age of 13. Since then I was impressed by tattoos. When I studied graphic design a lot of my friends asked me to draw tattoo designs for them. So it was just a natural development.

Do you ever get nervous when you are tattooing someone? How do you conquer it?

Not really anymore, unless it’s a very difficult spot or a person who already wears an impressive collection of artists that I look up to. But when I get nervous I just put on some good music and try to calm down … It doesn’t always work!

What about your own tattoos: what are the stories behind them? Anything lined up next?

Behind some of them there is a deep personal meaning. Others are just for decoration of to collect a piece from a great artist. Yes, in April I want to get my throat done. I’m already scared now!

Photo credit: Marcus Windus

Curious about Tobias’ tattoo art? Visit his studio Atelier Tobias Tietchen in Barmbek or visit his website, Facebook @tobiastietchen or Instagram @tobias_tietchen


Where should we get a tattoo in Hamburg?

We have a lot of great tattoo shops in Hamburg. Depends on what you’re looking for. If you don’t dig the style that me and my guest artists are doing in my shop Atelier Tobias Tietchen in Barmbek, try Julian Hets @ Tigerstyle  or Immer und Ewig.

Your secret spot in Hamburg for a good drink?

Not really a secret spot, but I like the Korallbar in St. Pauli and Kleines Phi along Feldstrasse.

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