We need more Wonderwomen in this world!

Daniela Batista dos Santos
From Ingersheim, Germany
7 years in Hamburg
Founder of the Circle of Wonderwomen

What exactly is The Circle of Wonderwomen? It sounds powerful!

It’s place where women can get together to show their true selves, and have the opportunity to find out how they can explore their potential and bring it into the world. It’s a sheltered space for women that allows for an exchange on a more personal level. The women come together unrivaled and create a coexistence. All in the spirit of coexistence  – and not against each other.

The Circles are currently held in Hamburg and will be offered throughout Germany in the future. In order to create a very special atmosphere, the Circles take place in unusual places or venues such as in a circus wagon. Charm and magic are guaranteed!

Why did you set up this type of meeting between women?

We need more Wonderwomen in this world! And I am convinced that we all bear this potential in us, but often forget it or other people try to convince us otherwise. The Circle helps every woman become more conscious of her specific feminine qualities. The women exchange ideas, motivate or inspire each other and get completely new perspectives. It’s a place where magic happens!

We talk about travelling the world, kids, work … With many life-changing questions, you turn around helplessly in a quiet chamber. Perhaps your partner isn’t listening, your friends are too emotional or your parents are always so reasonable! I want to break through this vicious circle and so I made a motivating, productive, respectable circle. Many women do not have the right environment in which they can talk about their deepest longings, fears and dreams. They are looking for like-minded people and after really intense conversations. They are looking for a place where they can be exactly like they are. Many women I know who are inwardly as well as outwardly beautiful, do not see how wonderful they are, do not dare anything and think they have no talent.

I would like to show women how much potential they have in them. How wonderful they are. The circle is not only a place where you get to know great women, but also a place to get closer to the superhero inside of you. With new visions, a new mindset, we simply become inspired. It’s all about the spirit of cooperation and female empowerment.

You’re kind of a Wonderwoman yourself. If you could choose a superpower, what would it be, and why?

I would like to have the ability to achieve peace in the minds of the people with only the wink of an eye. I believe that the fundamental problems in the world would be resolved.

Photo credit: MIA-TAKAHARA

Would you like to attend the next Circle of Wonderwomen? Check out the Facebook page www.facebook.com/circleofwonderwomen/ or the website www.thecircleofwonderwomen.com


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