Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire


Sophie Daum
From Frankfurt
1 year in Hamburg
Fashion photographer

As a photographer, what makes Hamburg interesting to you? How do you try to capture it with your camera?

The sea is like a huge magnet to me, so I always wanted to live close to it. A city with a harbour seems to have its own door to wherever you like to go. I think that’s one reason why the people in Hamburg are very easy going and open-minded, at least that’s what I feel. I mostly love the cultural diversity of the people who live here, I think it’s very inspiring. As a photographer you capture moments and faces. I am kind of obsessed with faces, which sounds a bit creepy, but I just love watching people on the subway, to imagine where they come from and what their stories are. Taking pictures of people is like collecting faces, which sounds even more creepy, but that’s actually what I do. Combining a face with fashion and style is creating a new context and a story, which I love doing. Fashion photography is much more than showing a pretty dress, it’s about creating a moment and capturing it.


Talking about being fearless: when was a time you conquered your fear?

That is actually a hard question to answer for me. I just do things. Since I turned 18 I’ve basically been taking decisions for myself, so I do what feels good and what I like doing. Sometimes fear hits me afterwards, it’s like fear comes over and says “You’re crazy! Something could have happened…” I think I get caught in that awesome thing that could happen and just focus on that. I believe that if you fill your mind with positivity, good things happen. Of course sometimes it’s scary to be self-employed, not exactly knowing how the next months will turn out. But I don’t let that feeling grow too much, I recognize it, but I keep it very small. Fear will just block you and keep you from doing what you are supposed to do. It probably sounds a bit naive but I just don’t like to have these “What if…” thoughts in my future. So I just do what I love and what I think is right.


Do you have any cool photography projects lined up? Where can we see your work?

I just started shooting more and more male models and portraits with men. It’s still new to me, because I’m used to taking pictures of women. But I enjoy it a lot. Guys don’t worry that much about making a fool of themselves. It is refreshing!

Check out Sophie’s portfolio at her website or follow her Instagram account @sosodaum to see what she’s been up to!

Photo credit: Laura

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