Creative Playground: A Social Experiment

What happens when you put 50 strangers in a room with snacks, drinks, art supplies and games for an entire day? We decided to find out with our Creative Playground event: a social experiment that we could, amazingly, host at Sturmfreie Bude in Karoviertel.

The top floor of Flora-Neumannstraße 6 is the type of apartment you’ve generously had in mind for future-you: ceiling-to-floor windows with a panoramic view over Hamburg, a fully equipped kitchen, a cosy sitting area and a long table for hosting fancy dinners/painting/dancing/playing games. The roof terrace (!) comes equipped with a barbecue, and if you play your cards right, Grillmeister Nico Homolla (read our interview with him here). There could really be no better place than Sturmfreie Bude to host Gute Leute Magazine’s Creative Playground event.

We received our guinea pigs guests at the door with an envelope including a welcome letter and a secret mission, ranging from practical “you’re in charge of the grill for the next hour” to creative “create a piece of art together with someone else” and hilarious (…) “pretend it’s your birthday and convince someone to create a gift for you.” It was up to everyone’s own discretion whether or not to carry out the missions because we’re not dictators in the end, this day was all about having fun and meeting new people.

On the programme:

  • Figure drawing (thanks Lorenzo, you’re a talented model!)
  • Storytelling (theme: traumatic experiences as a kid … we laughed a lot)
  • Electro Tai Chi (this one turned into beer pong)
  • Gin & Tonic Cake (delicious, thanks …)
  • Barbecuing (Willie & Irene make a good grilling team)
  • Yoga session (escalated into acro-yoga)

It was surprising to see how quickly everyone felt at ease and at home. Within no-time, people were rummaging around in the kitchen making juice or crafting cocktails, painting colourful art, glittering up, playing games, firing up the barbecue and – most importantly – chatting with others. Towards the end of the day, new friendships were born, contact details exchanged, and plans made to meet up again in the future. Organised chaos at Sturmfreie Bude Karoviertel: this social experiment was a definite success.

This special day couldn’t have taken place without the generosity of the Sturmfreie Bude team: as well as managers Anja and Nico. These superheroes not only hosted us, they also helped us set up the apartment, and stayed to participate in the event!

So, what actually happens when you put 50 strangers in a room for an entire day? Magic.

Author: Irene Broer (Gute Leute Magazine)
Photos: Sara Lavie


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