Superfood for super powers: a breakfast lover’s life in Hamburg

I meet Tobias and Sascha, co-founders of Seedheart – a superfood mixture – at cafe Kopiba in Sternschanze for an afternoon coffee. Tobias drinks a cappuccino with regular milk: an unexpected habit for someone promoting superfood. “I have my vegan days, but I still enjoy a good coffee with cow milk”, he says. Sascha is a yoga teacher and has to leave us after we take a photo together, but we can drop by at one of his classes at VHS Norderstedt or Bürgerhaus Barmbek. I’m about to discover more about how to eat a healthy breakfast in Hamburg. Let’s ask Tobias some questions.

By Sabela García Cuesta 

Hey Tobias, I imagine you are a big fan of breakfast, is that true?

“Oh yes, I love it. I never leave home without breakfast. That might be one of the obvious reasons why I started Seedheart. It’s been four years now that I start my mornings with Seedheart muesli at least 6 days a week.”

Seedheart won the Startup Slam Pitch # 7 in Hamburg organized by

Seedheart is a mix of superfoods (chia seeds, goji berries, raw cacao, etc)  that can be eaten in different ways as a topping for your yogurt, fruit bowls or salads. The mixture is bio, gluten free and full of healthy benefits! They have five different versions including a porridge, special for the winter days.

Only in the morning? I have colleagues that eat breakfast for lunch. Do you do that too?

“No, for me that is a no-go. I like savoury foods for lunch and dinner. But my mother, for example, likes to cook the porridge version of Seedheart in the  evening with milk and some toppings. Seedheart is also used by many as a topping for salads, for example chef Philipp Wolter uses it in his menu in the Phoenix restaurant, Düsseldorf.


Since you love breakfast so much, how do you prepare to make it special?

“I take my time and usually prepare a smoothie bowl with frozen fruits. It is not super hard to find different kinds of fruits in Hamburg, however, I do have to add some ingredients like acai powder. I always use Seedheart as topping.”



How did you get into this healthy eating?

“I always do lots of sports and now I am into triathlons and that’s why I care about my nutrition.  Healthy eating is a trend that is here to stay. What is good for the body is also good for the soul. I did a 4 months of travelling around the world, and especially in Australia and New Zealand, I started eating lots of seeds and superfoods and just loved it.”


What is a superfood?

“Some people relate the term “superfood” with something super exotic but a “superfood” can be everything you eat containing many good nutrients.”


Can you lose weight eating Seedheart?

“Our mixes are full of energy, but if you eat it in smalls amount you will feel fuller for longer.”


What? I ate one of the packets in just three days!

“Normally it’s supposed to be 9 or 10 portions Sabela, be careful!”


As the father of Seedheart, you must love your babies equally. But just between the two of us, which flavour is your favourite?

“I especially like Seedheart Cashew & Cacao because because I love cashews and dark chocolate: that bit of bitter taste is just super tasty! Sometimes I even fry the mixtures in the pan with honey or syrup to make it taste just like granola.”


Is there something you will never eat?

“Intestines. That’s horrible! In general, I try to eat as healthy as possible. I’m a vegetarian and have some vegan days. In addition I try to avoid refined sugars and refined flours.”

Seedheart is really easy to try and buy in Hamburg at different supermarkets or shops like Mutterland, Bio Company, Edeka Niemerszein / Clausen / Böcker / Heitmann / Volker Klein / Schulz / Kratzmann and Rewe Stanislawski & Laas. You can also buy it online at 

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