When TECH meets ART, the result is TheArtXperiment

There’s a new collective in town and it’s called “The ArtX”. It brings together artists, creators, techies, innovators and curious minds who are hungry to spend hours inventing & thinking about the impossible. Of course, there is a twist: their ideas and artistic projects must have a technological component.

Photography: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

They define themselves as the creators of a playground to experiment, play, mix, enjoy, learn and to develop new and fresh concepts that bring the best of both worlds together.




What happens when traditional art (painting, literature, design, dance, sculpture …) meets new technologies (artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, blockchain …)?

The collective will host “TheArtxVernissage” in November 2018 covering the topic “City Contrasts”. This will be a showcase of a selection of the collaborative work that will go above and beyond the boundaries of the traditional world, contradicting or perhaps complementing it – in the end, celebrating the future.

If you are interested in collaborating, working on a project and sharing your knowledge with the community, join them at “TheARTxGetTogether”: the monthly session every second Sunday of the month. They keep their community flourishing with a Telegram channel through which anyone can contribute to the discussion.

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TheArtXperiment is a collective of international creatives living in Hamburg interested in experimenting with arts and technology and curious about what happens when these two mix.

Join TheArtX community discussion and exchange ideas with other artists and techies at their Telegram channel > https://t.me/theartxperiment

Find them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.