Running away from home: a chat with Nico Homolla

Nico Homolla (26) quit his job to travel around Indonesia and discover what it’s like to be alone. Now, he works as a host at Sturmfreie Bude, and sometimes helps his friends organize techno raves.


In between worlds

Antje Tiedemann From Mexico City 2,5 years in Hamburg In what way are you in between worlds? I grew up in Mexico City to two German parents. I grew up not only bilingual but bicultural. I have always shared things with the German culture but also with the Mexican. I feel at home in both…

International School of Hamburg: Teaching by Example #sponsored

Andreas Swoboda, a native Berliner, thinks Hamburg is the second nicest city in German. Germany’s second city has been growing on Mr. Swoboda since he relocated here in 2011 to become headmaster at The International School of Hamburg. Since that time, the school’s notoriety and popularity have continued to grow, with the current student body…