Singing in falsetto: the life of a Dutch opera singer in Hamburg

Singing like the sweet-voiced castrates of the olden days: for Joël Vuik, a budding Dutch opera singer in Hamburg, it’s his calling. A classically trained countertenor with a tall physique and eye-catching red hair, it’s not hard to imagine why Joël’s star is rising fast. Meeting over a coffee at the Hochschule für Musik und…

The life of a vogue dancer in Hamburg

I meet Dominik Lamovski (22) an hour before the start of The Britney Kiki Function—Hamburg’s first voguing event at the HipHop Academy Hamburg. Rocking a blonde wig, white tank top, white skirt, a set of enviable eyelashes and glitter all over, Dominik a.k.a. Dom Twinkle looks nothing short of fabulous.

Running away from home: a chat with Nico Homolla

Nico Homolla (26) quit his job to travel around Indonesia and discover what it’s like to be alone. Now, he works as a host at Sturmfreie Bude, and sometimes helps his friends organize techno raves.

Gängeviertel is a place for free art, free music and free people

Maxim Pfund, a.k.a. DJ LaVruss From Pavlodar, Kazakhstan 6 years in Hamburg DJ & Web developer You’re a DJ! What can we hear when you’re behind the turntables? I’ve been DJing for about three years now. I usually play a mix of tech house, deep melodic house and techno. But I’m very flexible – I’ll…

I sneak out at night to make people dance!

  Carolin Seng Fulda, Germany 8,5 years in Hamburg Graphic Designer and Deejane OMG what is that pink stuff you are eating? Well, this is definitely nothing to eat, but a nice reminiscence of my childhood. It is a toy called Slimy, which can be pulled apart in weird forms. My mother bought it…