You can join us now and help spreading the word about all the inspiring and creative people living in Hamburg. Read below what we are looking for:

Contributing Instructions

We created Gute Leute Magazine as a community project to show the people of Hamburg in all their beautiful variety. We’ve published interviews with internationals, Germans, beekeepers, chefs, vegans, artists, DJs, animal whisperers – even dogs. But we want more! In fact, we’d like more people to contribute to our magazine – and do some interview themselves. You can contribute once, twice or as many times as you like!

  1. Find an interesting subject

Please pitch your subject to mail@guteleutemagazine so we know what’s going on. The person you’re interviewing must live in Hamburg – that’s basically the only criterium. It’s up to you to find the story. So, if you’ve always wondered about the life of your next door cat lady – this is your chance!

  1. Do the interview

Make an appointment, or do it spontaneously. But be sure to take notes or record the audio, and take some crazy photos – or videos!

  1. Write the interview

In English, please. Make it fun! Check out our previous articles for inspiration on how to structure your text. It can be short or long, but shouldn’t exceed 700 words. Include your own name, short bio, social handles.

  1. Send your article to

We’ll edit your article so that it’s nice and shiny.

  1. Publish!

We’ll publish your article on – You’ve shown another one of Hamburg’s many faces, congrats! 🙂