Hamburg International Kids: United Nations with nap time

Imagine the United Nations, but with nap time and crayons. At Hamburg International Kids — a bilingual daycare centre in the heart of Eimsbüttel — toddlers from all over the world come to play, sing and colour with English and German speaking staff.

von Freude: Hamburg craft beer pioneers

Hoppy IPAs, refreshing Belgian wits and imperial porters: who doesn’t love a good craft beer? Until just a few years ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find any at all in Hamburg. Thankfully, times have changed — and we partly owe it to the founders of von Freude. At a time when beer in Germany was…

Superfood for super powers: a breakfast lover’s life in Hamburg

I meet Tobias and Sascha, co-founders of Seedheart – a superfood mixture – at cafe Kopiba in Sternschanze for an afternoon coffee. Tobias drinks a cappuccino with regular milk: an unexpected habit for someone promoting superfood. “I have my vegan days, but I still enjoy a good coffee with cow milk”, he says. Sascha is…

Cooking from scratch: a chef’s life in Hamburg

Never talk to a chef when you’re hungry. I learned this lesson the hard way when I met Benjamin Heins, executive chef at WERFT Craft Food & Cocktails, located at the INNSIDE Hamburg Hafen hotel. When we shake hands, I notice a black glove on his right hand.

Doodling for a living in Hamburg

Ines Schaffranek can’t spend a day without doodling. It all started when she used to get bored at school and started sending notes to her classmates — now she hosts workshops at companies and is hired as a visual communicator and expert at events. By Sabela García Cuesta Ines, why is visual communication so important?…

The life of a vogue dancer in Hamburg

I meet Dominik Lamovski (22) an hour before the start of The Britney Kiki Function—Hamburg’s first voguing event at the HipHop Academy Hamburg. Rocking a blonde wig, white tank top, white skirt, a set of enviable eyelashes and glitter all over, Dominik a.k.a. Dom Twinkle looks nothing short of fabulous.

Californian cruising in Hamburg

With arms full of ink, friendly blue eyes and an enviable full beard, André Langer (33) greets his customers at Electra Bikes like old friends. The shop oozes the laid-back vibe that brought about the Electra brand in Southern California in 1993. 25 years later, we meet bike-expert André — hard at work at the only Electra…

A movement teacher’s life in Hamburg

Nikolai Pawlas – The Art To Move. Good coffee is almost a religion to Nikolai, so we meet at Nord Coast Coffee Roastery — his second living room. Nikolai has a tall and strong physique, and doesn’t stop moving during the interview: from his seat on the couch he moves into a squat position on the…

Running away from home: a chat with Nico Homolla

Nico Homolla (26) quit his job to travel around Indonesia and discover what it’s like to be alone. Now, he works as a host at Sturmfreie Bude, and sometimes helps his friends organize techno raves.

The life of two French part-time beekeepers in Hamburg.

The life of French part-time beekeepers in Hamburg. Thomas Canton and Benjamin Puech. There is a bee on the roof These two friendly French guys work as engineers, but that’s only Monday to Friday: on the weekends they put on heavy protection suits and jump onto rooftops. Why is that? In March 2017 they started…