Black, queer and proud: the musings of a Jamaican poet in Hamburg

Poet and LGBT activist in literature, Yohan SR Lee (29) grew up with his mother and grandfather in Kingston, Jamaica. Like many in the LGBT community in Jamaica, Yohan faced serious harassment throughout his youth. Despite this, Yohan excelled academically and won a scholarship for a master’s degree in Aarhus (DK) and Hamburg. He poured…

Pop art from the streets of São Paulo

The walls of LKB/G are covered with stencils, paintings, used templates and posters that would not look amiss on the streets of São Paulo. Pop art ladies in vibrant colours fill the room. It’s the opening night of Rouge: Daniel Melim’s first-ever solo exhibition in Europe. One of Brazil’s most renowned street artists, Daniel seems like…

Hamburg International Kids: United Nations with nap time

Imagine the United Nations, but with nap time and crayons. At Hamburg International Kids — a bilingual daycare centre in the heart of Eimsbüttel — toddlers from all over the world come to play, sing and colour with English and German speaking staff.

Cooking from scratch: a chef’s life in Hamburg

Never talk to a chef when you’re hungry. I learned this lesson the hard way when I met Benjamin Heins, executive chef at WERFT Craft Food & Cocktails, located at the INNSIDE Hamburg Hafen hotel. When we shake hands, I notice a black glove on his right hand.

The life of a vogue dancer in Hamburg

I meet Dominik Lamovski (22) an hour before the start of The Britney Kiki Function—Hamburg’s first voguing event at the HipHop Academy Hamburg. Rocking a blonde wig, white tank top, white skirt, a set of enviable eyelashes and glitter all over, Dominik a.k.a. Dom Twinkle looks nothing short of fabulous.

Californian cruising in Hamburg

With arms full of ink, friendly blue eyes and an enviable full beard, André Langer (33) greets his customers at Electra Bikes like old friends. The shop oozes the laid-back vibe that brought about the Electra brand in Southern California in 1993. 25 years later, we meet bike-expert André — hard at work at the only Electra…