In between worlds

Antje Tiedemann
From Mexico City
2,5 years in Hamburg

In what way are you in between worlds?
I grew up in Mexico City to two German parents. I grew up not only bilingual but bicultural. I have always shared things with the German culture but also with the Mexican. I feel at home in both countries that have both given me so much, but there is always the feeling that something is missing. The good thing about growing up bicultural ist that you get the best out of both worlds. But sometimes these worlds collide and people try to make you choose. I cannot choose, I am inside both and I will always defend both cultures. There is actually a name for people like me, we are called third culture children!

Why did you decide to move to Hamburg with your daughter?
I lived here after I finished high school but returned to Mexico. I always wanted to go back and “try” again. So when my daughter finished her primary school I thought it was the best moment to do so. I love Mexico with all my heart and my family and friends still live there, but unfortunately it is not the best country for young people to grow up. Due to the insecurity, children cannot leave the house alone like they do here, in fact there is little they can do alone and I wanted to give my daughter the chance to grow up to be independent.

For a long time your job was to help Latin American people settle in Germany. Can you share some advice?
The most important thing for newcomers in general is get to know the new country, especially its people. You need to realize that people not only speak a different language, they also might do things differently. The mentality, approach and values might be different, so get to know that and try to respect it. Adapt to the new country and learn from it. One major difference between Latinos (at least the ones from Mexico) is for instance the perception and value of time. A Mexican will tell you “in a while” but that can mean a lot of things: 5 minutes, a few hours or even a couple of days. Germans are very exact. They value their time and expect you to respect that. That is also important for punctuality, seeing that Germans are very punctual and Mexicans typically are not. Obviously, there are always exceptions, but getting to know the culture, language and values is a good start. You can even consider an intercultural coaching!


Where can we find some actually good tequila in Hamburg?

If you wish to buy good tequila, these would be a good option: Weinquelle en Wartenau, Spirituosen Wolf, Alsterhaus, Getränke-Paradies. If you’re looking for a bar to drink good tequila, try Chug Club.

Where in Hamburg do you love to take photos?

Everywhere. I love the harbour, Speicherstadt and the Alstadt. Here I just wander into the streets, go into the old buildings, admire the architecture. There is so much to discover everyday in this magnificent city. All you have to do is open your eyes, sometimes look up, sometimes look down, let yourself be surprised and see the beauty around you.

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