We are a small group of international designers, journalists and communication specialists with a passion for photography, stories and of course, our beloved Hamburg. We started this project in spring 2015 because we wanted to show the human side of Hamburg in all its wonderful, cultural diversity.

SABELA GARCÍA CUESTA is a traveller, networker and energy bomb ready to explode. She founded Gute Leute Magazine in 2015 and today advises digital startups as the program manager of Next Media Accelerator. She’s also addicted to Instagram: follow her on @hhsabela

Curiosity killed the cat, so thankfully IRENE BROER is human. As Gute Leute Magazine’s editor-in-chief, you’ll be in touch with her if you’d like to be a contributor. She also works as a journalism researcher and writer for Focus, woman! @irenebroer

The layout, the colours, the fonts and the paper: the look and feel of Gute Leute Magazine is CAROLIN SENG’s work. During the day, she works as a designer for magazines at Gruner +Jahr (like GEO WISSEN). At night she likes to spin records that make people dance.


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