We are a small group of international designers, journalists and communication specialists with a passion for photography, stories and of course, our beloved Hamburg. We want to show the human side of Hamburg in all its wonderful, cultural diversity.

SABELA GARCÍA CUESTA is a Spanish energy bomb ready to explode. She founded Gute Leute Magazine in 2015 and today advises digital startups as WeWork Labs Manager in Hamburg. She also initiated a community of people passionate about art and tech: TheARTX. Follow her @sabela_garcia_cuesta

Curiosity killed the cat, so thankfully IRENE BROER is human. As Gute Leute Magazine’s editor-in-chief, she’s in charge of all the words. She also works as a science journalism researcher at the Hans Bredow Institute. Fancy! Insta her @irene_broer and Tweet @irenebroer

Photo © Raimar von Wienskowski

The layout, the colors, the fonts and the paper: the look and feel of Gute Leute Magazine is CAROLIN SENG’s work. During the day, she works as a designer for magazines at Gruner +Jahr (like GEO WISSEN). At night she likes to spin records that make people dance.

TERESA ENHIAK NANNI comes directly from Italy. After a master in stage photography at the Accademia alla Scala in Milan, she decided to focus on portraits, reportage and telling stories through the images. With a strong passion for music photography, she enjoys taking pictures during the most various music shows. She works as a freelance photographer in Hamburg.

MELANIE RAIDL is an Austrian/Hungarian journalist with a passion for feminism, humans, traveling and sports! When she’s not running races, doing yoga or hiking, she’s busy finishing her Erasmus Mundus master program in journalism.