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Our city tips

Best place to get a tattoo?

María Fernandez is the best tattoo artist I know, she moved to Madrid a couple of months ago but the parlor where she was used to work is cool: Vaders Dye! Tip by Guillermo

Best place to find a pink bike?

Internet. There are no boundaries there. Tip by Guillermo

Where can you find the coolest/nicest watches in the city?

Check Uhrmacher Lüdeking in Karoviertel, if you’re into vintage watches from the 60s and 70s.  Plus, as a musician, Jörg (the owner) doesn’t take himself too seriously. Tip by Gratian

What’s do you do in Hamburg on a Friday night?

Ha, today is Friday and I’m thinking about cruising through the city by night on my motorbike. Perhaps I’ll do a refuelling stop in Central Congress. Since sadly, Tankstelle Brandshof (one of my favorite places next to Entenwerder) closes super early. Tip by Gratian

Where do you love going on a rainy day in Hamburg?

‘Rainy day in Hamburg’, that’s almost every day in Hamburg! I think the Hamburg weather forecast reads: it’s either a rainy day or it will rain later today. But to answer the question, I am so much of an indoor person and living in Schanze even makes it worse, but I do walks to the harbour on drier days. Tip by Khalid

Where can we find you on a Saturday night?

Well this is a tricky question. In the evenings I would be in Schanze for dinner, then from midnight on, the walk heads to anywhere we can dance. But as a precessional comedian, I am out of town in most weekends. Tip by Khalid

What’s the best place in Hamburg to do yoga?

Power Yoga GermanyDamn Good YogaPeace Out Yoga and so many more great studios! Tip by  Zahra

Where in Hamburg do you love going with your kids?

Actually I love spending time with them and their and my friends in summer in Wohlers Park with lots of food. Tip by  Zahra

What’s the funniest place in Hamburg?

The funniest place in Hamburg is probably the Reeperbahn, a few minutes walk from my apartment. Out of the six countries I have lived in, this is the only place I can find homeless alcoholics, punks, crossdressers and goths wait a full minute on a clear road for the green man. Tip by Trevor

Where can we find some actually good tequila in Hamburg?

If you wish to buy good tequila, these would be a good option: Weinquelle en Wartenau, Spirituosen Wolf, Alsterhaus, Getränke-Paradies. If you’re looking for a bar to drink good tequila, try Chug Club. Tip by Antje.

Where in Hamburg do you love to take photos?

Everywhere. I love the harbour, Speicherstadt and the Alstadt. Here I just wander into the streets, go into the old buildings, admire the architecture. There is so much to discover everyday in this magnificent city. All you have to do is open your eyes, sometimes look up, sometimes look down, let yourself be surprised and see the beauty around you. Tip by Antje.

Where should we get a tattoo in Hamburg?

We have a lot of great tattoo shops in Hamburg. Depends on what you’re looking for. If you don’t dig the style that me and my guest artists are doing in my shop Atelier Tobias Tietchen in Barmbek, try Julian Hets @ Tigerstyle or Immer und Ewig. Tip by Tobias

Your secret spot in Hamburg for a good drink?

Not really a secret spot, but I like the Korallbar in St. Pauli and Kleines Phi along Feldstrasse. Tip by Tobias

Where can we find the most delicious schnitzel in Hamburg?

The best schnitzel in Hamburg… hmmm… so far Dips ‘n Stix has proven to be pretty darn delicious. Tip by Anna Allen

Best Bavarian cuisine in Hamburg?

I’d recommend the Hofbräuhaus at the Alster: the Weisswurst tastes just like in Bavaria and they have very good beer, of course ! The staff is typically dressed in Dirndl and Lederhosen, and I like it because it reminds me at home. Tip by Sarah

Best Italian food in Hamburg, according to the Sicilian?

My first and only love is definitely pizza. Finally after months of waiting, an authentic pizzeria opened in Winterhude: great pizza, great ingredients and great service. Please follow my advice and go to check it out: Il Forno (Alsterdorfer Str. 86, 22299 Hamburg). Tip by Ottavia

Best place to make new friends in Hamburg?

Mindspace obviously 🙂 I met so many great people. I think places like this attract like-minded people, that’s why it’s very easy to meet amazing and interesting people here and everyone is welcome to check and join our events.Tip by Ottavia.

Where can we find the best vegan cake in Hamburg?

It is very hard for me to decide who offers the best vegan cake in Hamburg: But I recommend you the vegan carrot cake at Happenpappen in Eimsbüttel. It’s is delicious! Tip by Ines

Can you tell us a “secret spot” where to find nice clothing/accessory items?

I always find some inspirations and hidden style gems in the second-hand shop „Kleiderrausch“ (Eulenstraße 85 in Ottensen) or if I take some time to walk around Schanze. I also love to stop by at “The Golden Age” in the shop ALL MY FRIENDS to see what Anna has brought in. This year, I bought my absolute favorite floral bomber jacket at her shop. Tip by Tanja.

Where in Hamburg do you go when you’re homesick?

Honestly, I turn to American TV when I am homesick. Those who know me know that I have a huge list of shows that I’ve (binge)-watched and can recommend. I’ll publish that list soon… Starbucks is the next best thing. I can’t pass a Starbucks (“4 bucks”) without stopping in. Tip by Shelley

Best place to spot new art in Hamburg?

I love all the graffiti around Hamburg and am often inspired by that. Right now there is some great graffiti work made by a refugee group near the Große Elbstraße in Altona. Tip by Shelley

Your favourite brain food in Hamburg?

Coffee at Elbgold. But Hamburg is blessed with nice coffee places, like Public Coffee Roasters, Milch and Nord Coast Coffee. Tip by Jens

Best place in Hamburg to think?

Anywhere near the water, of course 🙂 Tip by Jens

Dog-friendly bars or restaurants in Hamburg?

Moralar (Sternschanze), Jung & Frech (Sternschanze) and LilliSu (Altona/Ottensen). Tip by Cäsar

Best place to take your humans out for a walk in Hamburg?

Wittenberger Ufer, Falkensteiner Ufer, Elbstrand Övelgönne and the Hamburger Volkspark. Tip by Cäsar

Where can we find the best pint of Guinness in Hamburg?

If you’re near Fit4TheGame in Bahrenfeld, there is the wonderful Titanic on Stresemannstrasse. In the city centre, try the Fleetenkieker in Börsenbrücke. Both pubs are run by fabulous Irish landladies. Tip by Gavin.

Where do you take visitors on a rainy day in Hamburg?

The Michel is a magnificent structure, and taking the stairs to the top is a great way to improve your fitness! I’m also quite prone to a boat ride around the harbour if it’s a bit drizzly. The Kunsthalle is one of my favorite museums in the world, and it’s easily accessible by public transport or by foot. Tip by Gavin.

The best spot to hear/find new literature in HH?

Other than Hafenlesung? There are so many reading series in Hamburg, it’s truly a city pulsing with the arts. We launched a new series called Ahab at LUV and LEE. I will be moderating the English one in early December. Tip by Lubi

Best post-workout meal in HH?

The English breakfast – in a vegetarian way. We are still looking for the best spot in Hamburg to reload our energy after a tough workout. Any tips? Feel free to let us know. Besides that Pasta Arrabbiata at Via Vai in Ottensen is a good choice. Tip by Michel

Your recommended place in HH for a great workout?

We love the Sportschule Wübke in Ottensen. Awesome trainers combined with a friendly crowd. A place to fall in love easily – by the very first hit. Besides that jogging is always another good option – accompanied by workouts all along the way. Tip by Michel

Unique experience in HH?

Party all night Saturday along the Reeperbahn then head to the fish market at 5am when it opens to keep the party going—Fischbrötchen at hand. Prost! Tip by John Early

Best way to explore HH?

With excellent bike paths and lots of parks and green space, Hamburg is a perfect city to explore by bike. I would definitely recommend renting a bike to ride through St Pauli and the fish market, the shops of Altona, downtown and around the Stadtpark. I also had a blast biking out to Hamburg’s free disc golf course north of the Stadtpark. Tip by John Early

Favorite place to meet new people in HH:

I usually get to know people online. It is not that easy just to go somewhere and talk to people. I use Youpooly App on my mobile phone. It is an event platform where you can find different local events and get invitations to them. I have learned many people in this way and attended many private and exclusive events which actually would not be possible without Youpooly. I can recommend it to everybody: .Tip by Violetta

Favourite museum in HH:

Until now my favorite is the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, but I still haven’t been to Miniatur Wunderland and I heard that is really worth seeing. Tip by Marta

Best place in HH for when you’re homesick:

In such situations we usually search for some places familiar with our hometowns. I am from St. Petersburg: a big port and a city of bridges. Therefore I search for water. It does not matter if it is the sea, a river or a lake. I go there. Tip by Violetta

The best place for me is near to the water. I love to look at water, it always calms me down when I am nervous and cheers me up when I am sad. In Hamburg it’s really easy to find water — the Elbe river or the Alster. I love to sit next to the water and just observe the waves and listen to the splashing. Tip by Marta

Best place to write in Hamburg:

Hotels with interesting guests like the East Hamburg and 25h Hafen where parts of my new book “Secret Dreams – Hotel der Lust” (Piper Verlag) were written. By Ingeborg

Most erotic place in Hamburg:

“Watching the sun go down with a hot guy and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at the Elbe. Nice hotel bars like the one at The George are also very good places to tickle my imagination. But only during the week while businessmen and women are hanging out. By Ingeborg

My ultimate tip for erotic beginners: the Boutique Bizarre at Reeperbahn is a very sexy place with lovely clothes, toys, books and lots of other stuff to get in the mood. But the best place will hopefully always be your own imagination.” By Ingeborg

Favorite German food in Hamburg:

Fischbroetchen. By Aditya

Best place to go when you’re homesick in Hamburg:

Stadtpark and a walk around the Alster. By Aditya

Best ice cream in Hamburg:

Delzepich Eis! Worked there for 2 years and it’s fantastic. By Alexandra Meyer

Nicest harbour view in Hamburg:

Get on a boat and ride all the way to Blankenese. Best view of all is when you’re on the water. By Alexandra Meyer

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