About Gute Leute Magazine

This is a magazine about the people that call Hamburg their home, wherever they’re from.

  • Interviews

We ask people in Hamburg how is their life like here.  Meeting people who live in your same city is the best way to discover it fully. Our aim is to get inspire and inspire other.

  • Community 

> We love bringing people together.  Check out our upcoming events.

  • Print magazine

> In addition to our online publications, we print our magazine twice a year. We feature selected interviews, photography, sponsored reportages and exclusive content in a handy format with an attractive design.

Gute Leute Magazine started in 2015, when more than 100 supporters backed the production of a new English-language print magazine in Hamburg. One year later, Gute Leute Magazine has evolved into a thriving community, united in diversity and love for the city of Hamburg. Come join us for an event!

Made in Hamburg