Gute Leute Magazine

Hamburg is our crowd ! Meet the people who call Hamburg home.

About Gute Leute Magazine

This is a magazine about the people that call Hamburg their home, wherever they’re from.

Gute Leute Magazine is a community platform filled with snapshots of life in Hamburg.  The format of the magazine is very straightforward:

  • Regular Interviews 

> One photo, three answers, three questions.

> Everyone  living in Hamburg can request an interview!

  • Sponsored Reportages 

> We will arrange a photoshooting for you and professional editor will write your story.

  • GLM Real

> We transform our interviews into real life experiences.

Check out our the latest events.

  • Print magazine

> In addition to our online publications, we print our magazine twice a year. We feature selected interviews, photography, sponsored reportages and exclusive content in a handy format with an attractive design.

Gute Leute Magazine started in 2015, when more than 100 supporters backed the production of a new English-language print magazine in Hamburg. One year later, Gute Leute Magazine has evolved into a thriving community, united in diversity and love for the city of Hamburg. Come join us for an event!

Made in Hamburg

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