About Gute Leute Magazine

We are the first English-language magazine about people living in Hamburg. Our crowdfunded project shows the diversity of Hamburg in print and online interviews, and creates a community of open-minded individuals. Why? Because the best way to discover a city is through the people that shape it.

This is a magazine about the people that call Hamburg home, wherever they’re from.

  • Interviews

Meeting the people who share your city is the best way to discover it fully. We always look for stories that inspire, in whatever way that may be. Check out our interviews with opera singers, contortionists, animal whisperers, vogue dancers and many more.

  • Print magazine

In addition to our online publications, we print our magazine twice a year. We feature selected interviews, photography, sponsored features and exclusive content in a handy format with an attractive design.

  • Community 

We love bringing people together, and we’re pretty good at it too!  Check out our past and upcoming events. We also closely cooperate with local businesses, promoting them in order to help fund our printing costs.

  • Team

We are a small team of creative young women, all equally passionate about great stories, beautiful photography and, of course, Hamburg. We produce Gute Leute Magazine next to our day jobs, because we simply love doing it.

  • What’s with the German name?

Imagine you’re new to Hamburg, fresh off the bus. You don’t know anyone, you speak almost no German, but you want to show the locals that you’re a trustworthy, nice human being. You’re good people, just like them. Now, put on your strongest foreign accent and say “Gute Leute” (goote loyte). Perfect! Gute Leute refers to our ability to improvise, adapt and make meaningful connections in new places.

Gute Leute Magazine started in 2015, when more than 100 supporters backed the production of a new English-language print magazine in Hamburg. Now, Gute Leute Magazine has evolved into a thriving community, united in diversity and love for the city of Hamburg. Come join us for an event!

Made in Hamburg