We love digital, we love print and we love people. The only way to bring them together is by organizing casual get-togethers. You will have the opportunity to meet the individuals featured in our digital magazine and experience what they do in real life. Don’t miss out on our upcoming events by signing up to our newsletter. We call this GLM REAL.

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15th NOVEMBER 2018: Gute Leute Aperitivo Get Together @ Ruby Hans


25th SEPTEMBER 2015: Gute Leute Aperitivo & Storytelling
11th DECEMBER 2015: GLM #1 Release Party
15th APRIL 2016: Spain in Hamburg- Tapas & Live music
29th MAY 2016: Sunday Showroom – Preview GLM #2 
24th NOVEMBER 2016: Wine Tasting @TVINO
4th DECEMBER 2016: Origami XMAS wrapping 

14th JANUARY 2017: GLM #2 Release Party
15th MARCH 2017: Brewery Tour w/ Danny
9th April 2017: Yoga w/ Melany
15th July 2017: Whiffle-Whiffle: For Creative, Inspiring and Curious People
7th December 2017: Happy Hour & Release Party GLM#3