In Hamburg I met adulthood, love, professional vocation and most importantly: myself

Guillermo Ansotegui
From Madrid
5 years in Hamburg

We always see you on your pink bike. Is it your true love? Could you imagine living without it?

A bike should not be the true love of your life, but being honest, I have to say that it is the apple of my eye. It gives me freedom, rebelliousness, speed and fun and furthermore it’s my only form of transport – I don’t have a HVV-Abo or anything like that. Of course I could live without it, nothing in life is indispensable, it’s just a bike!


You’ve been in HH for five years now! Any regrets?

It’s been a while already in this marvelous city. No regrets, but of course I’ve made decisions that I could have done differently. Summing up, I could say coming here has been the best choice of my entire life. Here, I met adulthood, love, professional vocation and most importantly: myself.


What are your future plans, Guille? What can we expect?

I want to become an awesome and groundbreaking audiovisual producer here in Germany and after that let life flow and see what’s next. There’s no rush and every moment is as precious as the one in ten years so, better so stay focused now.

Check out Guille’s work on his website or follow him on Instagram @gacframe

Photo Credits: Manuel Camacho


Best place to get a tattoo?

María Fernandez is the best tattoo artist I know, she moved to Madrid a couple of months ago but the parlour where she was used to work is cool: Vaders Dye!


Best place to find a pink bike?

Internet. There are no boundaries there.

Guillermo also curates our page Hamburg City Video Tips.

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