Once I moved here, everything made sense and I found other types of love: my job and the city

Ottavia Tomarchio
From Sicily, Italy
1 year in Hamburg
Community Manager @ Mindspace Hamburg

What brought you to Hamburg? Aren’t you cold here up north?

At first, I only came here for love: it was a brave and totally crazy decision at the same time. Although I already planned to build my career abroad, Hamburg was honestly not on my radar for living destinations. Well – I was wrong, and as many times in my life I finally enjoyed being wrong. Once I moved here, everything made sense and I found other types of love: my job and the city. I won’t lie, I often feel cold (actually I often freeze). But I love Hamburg, I love every part of it: the different districts, running along the Alster in the early morning, the relax of an autumn day and the joy and excitement that you can feel everywhere during a summer day. I lived in different cities in my life: Catania, Milan, Chicago, Copenhagen and Hanoi, and I can tell you that I have never felt more connected to a city before. Hamburg is a magic city and people here are great. It’s still not “colonized” by internationals, which even gives you the pleasure of finding yourself surprised when you hear a familiar Italian accent, or when you bump into a Sicilian restaurant which brings you to memory old aromas and tastes.


What does your job involve, and what do you find most exciting about it?

My job as community manager includes many different tasks. “If you are not multitasking you can forget about working here” – this is what a typical Mindspace recruiter points out since the very first interview. Probably it’s exactly this part that I find most exciting: one day I am closing a big contract and I am feeling the thrill that only sales can give you, and the other day I am organizing a huge event or directing a video where I am required to be as creative as possible. It’s like having two souls: the managerial one and the creative one, and this is who I am, that’s why this job fits me so well.

But let’s see what my typical tasks are. Firstly, I am the first point of contact for a client and also the last one (if he is not buying you know who to blame!) Of course I am also responsible of all customer service: people choose us not only to access a great community pool, but also for the great service that’s included. And we do care. The best part of the job is about community building: there’s a strong network of people that need each other, and now it’s up to me to be smart and make the right connections, understanding what their needs are or what their needs will be. Community also means organizing crazy events and networking happy hours: the aim is to create a real family so the sky’s the limit: Pizza Happy Hour, Wine tasting, Tapas, Mexican flavor, Mojito Happy hour, Oktoberfest, Beer pong… Finally, the community managers are behind every single post on social media (follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

Where can we find you when you’re not at Mindspace?

I love to dance salsa, so you can find me dancing every Tuesday and Thursday. I am still not a pro, but I will get there! I am also a convinced foodie, whenever I am not working\reading\dancing then I am eating. I love to discover new and exotic food places, force my friends to go there with me (because great food is better when shared), give an evaluation and then write everything on my blog.

Stay up to date on the latest events at Mindspace and follow Ottavia and the other community managers on Instagram @ottatoma or Mindspace.me


Best Italian food in Hamburg, according to the Sicilian?

My first and only love is definitely pizza. Finally after months of waiting, an authentic pizzeria opened in Winterhude: great pizza, great ingredients and great service. Please follow my advice and go to check it out: Il Forno (Alsterdorfer Str. 86, 22299 Hamburg).

Best place to make new friends in Hamburg?

Mindspace obviously 🙂 I met so many great people. I think places like this attract like-minded people, that’s why it’s very easy to meet amazing and interesting people here and everyone is welcome to check and join our events.

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